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Meet Rev. Paul

Congratulations on your engagement!!!             
 My name is Rev.Paul Costanzo. I am an ordained Non-Denominational Wedding Minister / Officiant who spiritually serves and supports loving couples. I will help you to create a personal and unique wedding ceremony that expresses your love for each other so you can experience the wedding of your dreams.

 The celebration of love revealed in your ceremony makes it one of the most important events in your life. To entrust me with such an important event would be both humbling and, indeed, an honor. More importantly though, I would enjoy hearing how you met, your hopes, dreams, plans you've made, and perhaps even meet your families. We can communicate by phone, emails, or face to face. It will make all the difference in the world when you feel you know and are known by your officiant who is also a trusted friend.

I would be extremely honored to officiate your wedding - pronouncing you husband and wife. Then meeting your family and mingling with your friends after the ceremony would be an added pleasure. I take very seriously the responsibility of being a wedding officiate. Whether it's a small event in a garden, backyard, or patio, or in the grandest of hotels, my desire is that your wedding ceremony be everything you desire it to be. After all, IT'S YOUR SPECIAL DAY!

Having your minister care about you, know you, and ultimately connect with you, is the ultimate in a trusting officiate relationship. After all your ceremony is a sacred, personal event. It should be reflected through your intimate vows, your feelings of love and respect for each other and your feelings regarding your marriage and family relationship.

Through creative expressions of tenderness and vulnerability, your ceremony will be conducted with professionalism and warmth. Such a sacred life moment should only be entrusted to one who cares and can handle appropriately the many facets of such a memorable event. It is my desire as your wedding officiate to focus on you as a couple, assist with your needs and desires, and earn your trust and assurance as your wedding minister, so you can take in all of the emotions and feelings of this most important and precious event of your life. I understand your position and the choice before you. We don't know each other, you do not know my background. You want to be sure that you will like your choice. I want you to know, I would (and did) feel the very same way.

That's how much I want you to love your ceremony and our relationship. Still not quite sure? Feeling hesitant? Tell you what, why not pick up your phone and call me. Come on, you won't even have to leave a name if you don't want to. You can call me at (414) 425.2525 You can even say something like this: "Rev. Paul - I don't feel like telling you who I am, but I am getting married in a while. I have some questions I would like to ask you but, I don't want to be pressured. Can we talk?" IT'S JUST THAT EASY! - And I will try to answer any question that you might have. Then you and your fiance can talk and make the decision to use me or not.  

I really look forward to hearing from you. All meetings are free of charge and non-obligational.  Please feel free to call us anytime for your non-obligational courtesy hold for your special day. Most couples are not sure what to expect from their Wedding Officiant. At our first meeting you will learn more about me and what I can offer for your dream ceremony.

Remember, I'm not trying to sell you anything, I'm applying for a position in your life changing moment.  I serve couples of all faiths and personal beliefs throughout Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin.                                      

Thank you...
Rev. Paul Costanzo

What distinguishes  Rev. Paul
from some other Milwaukee wedding ministers :

Rev. Paul is a Non-Denominational  Professional Wedding Minister.

  Performing over 1000 weddings gives us the experience
as to what  works, what's fun and how to ensure your
ceremony is perfect no matter what.

 Rev. Paul is ready to craft
 a custom ceremony to reflect your spirit,   philosophy,
 beliefs and situation.

 I will make your special day perfect! 

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