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Here is an example of the issues and questions that couples share with me :

Q.  Where can we have our wedding?

A.  Outdoors, in a church, a hall, a restaurant, a private home, a park, beside the lake, living room
in other words, the place you hold your wedding is entirely up to you, the couple being married. 


Q.  Can we write our own vows?

A.  Certainly, if you wish to do so.  However, most couples choose to use one of the standard traditional ceremonies.  Again, the choice is yours.


Q.  Is pre-marital counseling required?

A.  In a word, no, but it is available.  I feel that some ministers who require pre-marital counseling do so for the purpose of indoctrinating the couple in the theology of their church.  As an inter-denominational minister, I will marry couples of any faith, or no faith at all. 


Q.  Do you marry those who have been divorced?

A.  Yes, I am happy to perform the ceremony of anyone who has a marriage license.  My job is to serve you, not to be your judge.  I often had other pastors, from Catholic priests to conservative fundamentalists refer their couples to me when their own church did not allow them to perform the ceremony.


Q.  Do you officiate at non-religious ceremonies?

A.  Yes, of course.  Although I am an ordained minister, I  respect the wishes of couples who desire a non-religious ceremony, and am honored to serve them. 

Q. Is Rev. Paul Catholic Priest? 

 A.  No.  We are not catholic priests we are Non-Denominational Ministers.


This is a question that many couples face.  For one reason or another, religion may not play a part of your ceremony.  It may be that one may not be religious and the other either is very much so or all the way down to not so very much so.  Still consideration for one another's belief's should be respected. 


A religious wedding without a clergy can happen.  Officiates can say or incorporate any part of a religious ceremony found performed in a church, without the formal blessings.  Creating a ceremony or vows with passages from your favorite bible are very touching and wondrous.  With the prominence of religion and traditional ceremonies; arrives with a sense of portrayed presence. 


If you are mixed about incorporating religion into you wedding, try using the compromise path with light references and ovations.  The absence of religion in your ceremony will not preclude your love and commitment to one another.  A ceremony of shared emotional sayings, poetry, musical favorites often are lovely and everyone will know from these variations how much your love for one another truly is.

Above all, it will be a very private and intimate choice that is yours to make.  I will work you in with your choice and together we will make a beautiful ceremony just for you.