Rev. Paul Costanzo
Ceremonies at your location

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Rev. Paul Costanzo
Ceremonies at the location of your choice

Your wedding ceremony should hold no surprises.
You should know and approve fully of its content. 

The ceremony is about you the bride and groom.

At New Beginnings Wedding Ceremonies we
 are totally committed to working with the two of you
to create a ceremony that will mirror exactly what you want.

Whether it's a traditional, civil, non-religous, commitment ceremony, or you are renewing your vows,

I will work to make it special and unique to your hearts. 

I Promise to make your special day perfect!

Rev. Paul Costanzo 
New Beginnings Wedding Ceremonies

Welcome to New Beginnings Wedding Ceremonies

I specialize in Non-Denominational, Interfaith, Renewal of Vows, Baptisms & Last Minute Ceremonies and Commitiment Ceremonies at your location.  If you have any question or would like me to check a date.
Please call me at 414-425-2525
Your wedding, your way... You’ll spend hours agonizing over color schemes, dinner menus, song selections, attire, and more. So spend a moment thinking about what you want from the one who will seal your vows. Then choose the experience, professionalism, dedication and caring of Rev. Paul Costanzo.

We perform:
  • Weddings
  • Commitment ceremonies
  • Sacred unions
  • Second marriages
  • Vow renewals
  • Baptisms 
Your choice of style:
  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Casual
  • Special theme
  • Virtually any location
  • Day and time of your choosing
Your choice of format:
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Religious
  • Non-religious
  • Civil
  • Spiritual
  • Interfaith
  • Intercultural



A message from Rev. Paul
I perform each ceremony as if it were the first, last and only ceremony I will ever perform. Every couple that stands before me deserves to have an extraordinary and memorable experience. After all, this is the moment when they are making promises of love and deepening the spiritual bond they have created. It is an honor to be chosen to share such an intimate moment and so it is important for us to contribute a feeling of warmth, intimacy and magic! I never rush through a ceremony, rather I speak to the couple and help them feel relaxed and present. It is important to remember the moment when you say "I Do" and fully experience the look of love in the eyes of your new husband or wife. Remember, the ceremony is one of the most significant moments in the day and the truly a "New Beginning" of a new life together. Your special day will be PERFECT!
Rev. Paul